Truly 100% Broker Commission – what is the catch?

There is no catch! – no fine print, no asterisk in our Independent Contractor Agreement. You will receive 100% of your commission, on every transaction, no exceptions, no questions asked. We believe the Internet and mobility are changing every business model, and real estate in no exception. Since most agents don’t make regular visits to their broker’s office more than a few times a month, by not having that extra space we’re able to pass the savings on.

You’ll only pay a compliance/E&O fee of $375 on each transaction. That’s it!

Why are you giving your broker 10-35% of your hard-earned commissions?
Do the math – those big fees add up!
How many broker leads did your broker give you last year? Has it been worth it?

Is there any cost to get started?

No, there are no sign-up fees. Simply submit all the necessary paperwork into our office, and we can have you licensed with our company within a few days.

Does RMA require weekly /monthly production meetings or required face to face time with the broker?

No, we don’t have any mandatory broker or office meetings

Is there a minimum sales or production volume?

No, RMA has no in-activity charges or required sales quotas. You may hang your license for as long as you like with no charge.

Do I have access to a conference room?

Yes, our agents may reserve our conference room in one-hour increments at our corporate office in Tustin, CA. Our office is a Class A office building with ground floor space. We have an oversized conference room, with computer and printer access for your meetings if necessary. Otherwise, all of our agents work either from home or their own personal office.

Do I have control of my sales commission negotiations with clients?

Yes, you determine the total sales commission on your transactions.

Do you offer Transaction Coordinator Services?

At this time, all of our agents use Independent Transaction Coordinators located throughout Southern California. Our RMA Intranet maintains a comprehensive list of RMA approved Independent TC’s used by RMA agents, in which they offer competitive prices and great service.

Which REALTOR associations & MLS boards can I be a member of?

You may join ANY association or MLS board of your choice. Our agents individually pay for their own MLS fees. Please inquire with your local Board of Realtors about MLS access and/or membership costs, dues and requirements.

How do I get broker support?

Broker assistance is provided through our Web site, via e-mail at Support@ RMA.com. or by phone at 800.676.4657.

What forms do you use?

RMA uses all CAR approved real estate forms. You may obtain them at the office of your local board of REALTORS® or download them directly from CAR at their website. Please note CAR forms are provided at no additional cost as part of your CAR membership benefits.

Can I give a buyer a rebates from my commission?

It is legal to make a refund to the principal (buyer or seller). There are no additional disclosures required to any parties for paying refunds to a principal.

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